TwinBuilder: RC Circuit Design in Twin Builder#

This example shows how you can use PyAEDT to create a Twin Builder design and run a Twin Builder time-domain simulation.

Import Required Packages for Twin Builder#

import os
from pyaedt import TwinBuilder

Select Version and Launch Options#

This example launches Twin Builder 2022R2 in graphical mode.

# You can change the Boolean parameter ``non_graphical`` to ``True`` to launch
# Twin Builder in non graphical mode.
# You can change the Boolean parameter ``new_thread`` to ``False`` to launch
# Twin Builder in existing Desktop Session, if any.

desktop_version = "2022.2"

non_graphical = os.getenv("PYAEDT_NON_GRAPHICAL", "False").lower() in ("true", "1", "t")
new_thread = True

Launch Twin Builder#

Use implicit declaration to launch Twin Builder Application

# Add a new Twin Builder design with a default setup

tb = TwinBuilder(specified_version=desktop_version, non_graphical=non_graphical, new_desktop_session=new_thread)


pyaedt info: Logger Started
pyaedt info: Launching PyAEDT outside Electronics Desktop with CPython and Pythonnet
pyaedt info: AEDT installation Path C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\v222\Win64.
pyaedt info: Launching AEDT with module Pythonnet.
pyaedt info: Ansoft.ElectronicsDesktop.2022.2 Started with process ID 668.
pyaedt info: Logger file D:\Temp\pyaedt20220624_103520.log in use.
pyaedt info: pyaedt v0.4.87
pyaedt info: Python version 3.8.10 (tags/v3.8.10:3d8993a, May  3 2021, 11:48:03) [MSC v.1928 64 bit (AMD64)]
pyaedt info: Project Project5 has been created.
pyaedt info: No design is present. Inserting a new design.
pyaedt info: Added design 'Twin Builder_3FI' of type Twin Builder.
pyaedt info: Design Loaded
pyaedt info: Successfully loaded project materials !
pyaedt info: Materials Loaded

Create Components for a RC circuit driven by a pulse voltage source#

# Define the Grid Distance for ease in calculations

G = 0.00254

# These methods create components, such as voltage source, resistors, and capacitors.

source = tb.modeler.schematic.create_voltage_source("E1", "EPULSE", 10, 10, [0, 0])
resistor = tb.modeler.schematic.create_resistor("R1", 10000, [10 * G, 10 * G], 90)
capacitor = tb.modeler.schematic.create_capacitor("C1", 1e-6, [20 * G, 0])

Create a Ground#

This method creates a ground, which is needed for a twin builder analog analysis.

gnd = tb.modeler.components.create_gnd([0, -10 * G])

Connect Components#

This method connects components with pageports.




Parametrize a Transient Setup#

This method setup the end time for the default transient setup.




Solve the Transient Setup#

This method solves the transient setup.



pyaedt info: Solving design setup TR
pyaedt info: Design setup TR solved correctly


Get Report Data and plot it on matplotlib#

Get the values for the voltage on the Pulse voltage source Get the values for the voltage on the capacitor in the RC Circuit

E_Value = "E1.V"
C_Value = "C1.V"

x =[E_Value, C_Value], "TR", "Time")
x.plot([E_Value, C_Value], xlabel="Time", ylabel="Capacitor Voltage vs Input Pulse")
Simulation Results Plot


pyaedt info: Solution Data Correctly Loaded.

<Figure size 2000x1000 with 1 Axes>

Close Twin Builder#

After the simulaton is completed, you can close Twin Builder or release it All methods provide for saving the project before exiting.

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