Maxwell 2d: Magnet Transient Analysis#

This example shows how you can use PyAEDT to create a Maxwell 2D Transient Analysis for an interior permanent magnet electric motor,starting from the parameter definition through the post-processing preparation Tested on pyaedt 0.4.70

Import needed python packages

from math import sqrt as mysqrt
import csv
import os
import tempfile

from pyaedt import Maxwell2d
from pyaedt import examples
from pyaedt import generate_unique_name

Initialization: Maxwell version, path project and design name and type

desktopVersion = "2022.2"

sName = "MySetupAuto"
sType = "TransientXY"
tmpfold = tempfile.gettempdir()

pathName = os.path.join(tmpfold, generate_unique_name("Nissan", n=3))
pName = "Example.aedt"
dName = "Sinusoidal"

Initialization: dictionaries will contain all the definitions for design variables and output variables

Initialization: geometry parameters definitions (stator, rotor, shaft) Naming refers to RMxprt primitives

geom_params = {
    "DiaGap": "132mm",
    "DiaStatorYoke": "198mm",
    "DiaStatorInner": "132mm",
    "DiaRotorLam": "130mm",
    "DiaShaft": "44.45mm",
    "DiaOuter": "198mm",
    "Airgap": "1mm",
    "SlotNumber": "48",
    "SlotType": "3"

Initialization: geometry parameters definitions for stator windings Naming refers to RMxprt primitives

wind_params = {
    "Layers": "1",
    "ParallelPaths": "2",
    "R_Phase": "7.5mOhm",
    "WdgExt_F": "5mm",
    "SpanExt": "30mm",
    "SegAngle": "0.25",
    "CoilPitch": "5",  # coil pitch in slots
    "Coil_SetBack": "3.605732823mm",
    "SlotWidth": "2.814mm",  # RMxprt Bs0
    "Coil_Edge_Short": "3.769235435mm",
    "Coil_Edge_Long": "15.37828521mm"

Initialization: machine parameters definitions for model setup

mod_params = {
    "NumPoles": "8",
    "Model_Length": "80mm",
    "SymmetryFactor": "8",
    "Magnetic_Axial_Length": "150mm",
    "Stator_Lam_Length": "0mm",
    "StatorSkewAngle": "0deg",
    "NumTorquePointsPerCycle": "30",
    "mapping_angle": "0.125*4deg",
    "num_m": "16",
    "Section_Angle": "360deg/SymmetryFactor"

Initialization: operational machine parameters definitions for transient setup Operating point

oper_params = {
    "InitialPositionMD": "180deg/4",
    "IPeak": "480A",
    "MachineRPM": "3000rpm",
    "ElectricFrequency": "MachineRPM/60rpm*NumPoles/2*1Hz",
    "ElectricPeriod": "1/ElectricFrequency",
    "BandTicksinModel": "360deg/NumPoles/mapping_angle",
    "TimeStep": "ElectricPeriod/(2*BandTicksinModel)",
    "StopTime": "ElectricPeriod",
    "Theta_i": "135deg"

Set Non Graphical Mode. Default is False

non_graphical = os.getenv("PYAEDT_NON_GRAPHICAL", "False").lower() in ("true", "1", "t")

Launch Maxwell2D

M2D = Maxwell2d(specified_version=desktopVersion, designname=dName,
                solution_type=sType, new_desktop_session=False,
M2D.save_project(os.path.join(pathName, pName))


pyaedt info: Logger Started
pyaedt info: Launching PyAEDT outside Electronics Desktop with CPython and Pythonnet
pyaedt info: AEDT installation Path C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\v222\Win64.
pyaedt info: Launching AEDT with module Pythonnet.
pyaedt info: Ansoft.ElectronicsDesktop.2022.2 Started with process ID 10712.
pyaedt info: Logger file D:\Temp\pyaedt20220624_103520.log in use.
pyaedt info: pyaedt v0.4.87
pyaedt info: Python version 3.8.10 (tags/v3.8.10:3d8993a, May  3 2021, 11:48:03) [MSC v.1928 64 bit (AMD64)]
pyaedt info: Project Project3 has been created.
pyaedt info: Added design 'Sinusoidal' of type Maxwell 2D.
pyaedt info: Design Loaded
pyaedt info: Successfully loaded project materials !
pyaedt info: Materials Loaded
pyaedt info: Project Project3 Saved correctly


Create mod2D to access M2D.modeler easily

mod2D = M2D.modeler
mod2D.model_units = "mm"


pyaedt warning: No objects to delete
No objects to delete

Define design variables from the created dictionaries

for k, v in geom_params.items():
    M2D[k] = v
for k, v in wind_params.items():
    M2D[k] = v
for k, v in mod_params.items():
    M2D[k] = v
for k, v in oper_params.items():
    M2D[k] = v

Create materials Define path were material properties for non-linear Materials are stored in text files

filename_lam, filename_PM = examples.download_leaf()

Create materials: Copper (Annealed)_65C

mat_coils = M2D.materials.add_material("Copper (Annealed)_65C")
mat_coils.conductivity = "49288048.9198"
mat_coils.permeability = "1"


pyaedt info: Adding new material to the Project Library: Copper (Annealed)_65C
pyaedt info: Material has been added. Edit it to update in Desktop.

Create materials: Arnold_Magnetics_N30UH_80C BH curve read from a tab file:a list is created The created BH_list is passed to the function mat_PM.permeability.set_non_linear(BH_List_PM)

mat_PM = M2D.materials.add_material("Arnold_Magnetics_N30UH_80C_new")
mat_PM.conductivity = "555555.5556"
mat_PM.set_magnetic_coercitivity(-800146.66287534, 1, 0, 0)
mat_PM.mass_density = "7500"
BH_List_PM = []
with open(filename_PM) as f:
    reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter='\t')
    for row in reader:
        BH_List_PM.append([float(row[0]), float(row[1])])


pyaedt info: Adding new material to the Project Library: Arnold_Magnetics_N30UH_80C_new
pyaedt info: Material has been added. Edit it to update in Desktop.


Create materials: laminated material 30DH_20C_smooth The material has a BH curve and a core loss model Core Loss model is set to electrical steel

mat_lam = M2D.materials.add_material("30DH_20C_smooth")
mat_lam.conductivity = "1694915.25424"
kh = 71.7180985413
kc = 0.25092214579
ke = 12.1625774023
kdc = 0.001
eq_depth = 0.001
mat_lam.set_electrical_steel_coreloss(kh, kc, ke, kdc, eq_depth)
mat_lam.mass_density = "7650"
BH_List_lam = []
with open(filename_lam) as f:
    reader = csv.reader(f, delimiter='\t')
    for row in reader:
        BH_List_lam.append([float(row[0]), float(row[1])])


pyaedt info: Adding new material to the Project Library: 30DH_20C_smooth
pyaedt info: Material has been added. Edit it to update in Desktop.


Create Geometry: Stator The stator is created via RMxprt User Defined Primitive A list of lists with the proper UDP paramters is created

udp_par_list_stator = [["DiaGap", "DiaGap"], ["DiaYoke", "DiaStatorYoke"], ["Length", "Stator_Lam_Length"],
                       ["Skew", "StatorSkewAngle"], ["Slots", "SlotNumber"], ["SlotType", "SlotType"],
                       ["Hs0", "1.2mm"], ["Hs01", "0mm"], ["Hs1", "0.4834227384999mm"],
                       ["Hs2", "17.287669825502mm"],
                       ["Bs0", "2.814mm"], ["Bs1", "4.71154109036mm"], ["Bs2", "6.9777285790998mm"], ["Rs", "2mm"],
                       ["FilletType", "1"], ["HalfSlot", "0"], ["VentHoles", "0"], ["HoleDiaIn", "0mm"],
                       ["HoleDiaOut", "0mm"],
                       ["HoleLocIn", "0mm"], ["HoleLocOut", "0mm"], ["VentDucts", "0"], ["DuctWidth", "0mm"],
                       ["DuctPitch", "0mm"],
                       ["SegAngle", "0deg"], ["LenRegion", "Model_Length"], ["InfoCore", "0"]]

stator_id = mod2D.create_udp(udp_dll_name="RMxprt/VentSlotCore.dll",
                             udp_parameters_list=udp_par_list_stator, upd_library='syslib',
                             name='my_stator', udp_type='Solid')  # name not taken

Create Geometry: Stator Material, Name, Color and Solve Inside Properties updated

M2D.assign_material(stator_id, "30DH_20C_smooth") = "Stator"
stator_id.color = (0, 0, 255)  # rgb
stator_id.solve_inside = True  # to be reassigned: M2D.assign material puts False if not dielectric

Create Geometry: Permanent Magnets (PMs) In Maxwell the magnetization is assigned via Coordinate System (CS) For each PM, a CS in the Face Center is needed, so auxiliary functions are created Auxiliary Function: find_elements(lst1, lst2) Finds the elements in list lst1 with indexes in lst2

def find_elements(lst1, lst2):
    return [lst1[i] for i in lst2]

Auxiliary Function: find_n_largest (input_len_list, n_largest_edges) Finds the n_largest_edges largest elements in list input_len_list

def find_n_largest(input_len_list, n_largest_edges):
    tmp = list(input_len_list)
    copied = list(input_len_list)
    copied.sort()  # sort list so that largest elements are on the far right
    index_list = []
    for n in range(1, n_largest_edges + 1):  # get index of the Nth largest element
        tmp[tmp.index(copied[-n])] = 0  # index can only get the first occurrence, that solves the problem
    return index_list

Create Geometry: Create CS for Permanent Magnet Input:object name, CS name, inner or outer magnetization Finds the 2 longest edges of the magnets and gets the midpoint of the outer edge This point is needed to create the Face Coordinate Systems in case of outer magnetization

def create_cs_magnets(pm_id, cs_name, point_direction):
    pm_face_id = mod2D.get_object_faces([0]  # works with name only
    pm_edges = mod2D.get_object_edges(  # gets the edges of the PM object
    edge_len_list = list(
        map(mod2D.get_edge_length, pm_edges))  # apply method get_edge_length to all elements of list pm_edges
    index_2_longest = find_n_largest(edge_len_list, 2)  # find the 2 longest edges of the PM
    longest_edge_list = find_elements(pm_edges, index_2_longest)
    edge_center_list = list(map(mod2D.get_edge_midpoint,
                                longest_edge_list))  # apply method get_edge_midpoint to all elements of list longest_edge_list

    rad = lambda x: mysqrt(x[0] * x[0] + x[1] * x[1] + x[2] * x[2])
    index_largest_r = find_n_largest(list(map(rad, edge_center_list)), 2)
    longest_edge_list2 = [longest_edge_list[i] for i in index_largest_r]  # reorder: outer first element of the list
    if point_direction == 'outer':
        my_axis_pos = longest_edge_list2[0]
    elif point_direction == 'inner':
        my_axis_pos = longest_edge_list2[1]

    mod2D.create_face_coordinate_system(face=pm_face_id, origin=pm_face_id, axis_position=my_axis_pos,
                                        axis="X", name=cs_name)
    pm_id.part_coordinate_system = cs_name

Create Geometry: Permanent Magnets (PMs) Outer and Inner PM are created, color assigned

IM1_points = [[56.70957112, 3.104886585, 0], [40.25081875, 16.67243502, 0], [38.59701538, 14.66621111, 0],
              [55.05576774, 1.098662669, 0]]
OM1_points = [[54.37758185, 22.52393189, 0], [59.69688156, 9.68200639, 0], [63.26490432, 11.15992981, 0],
              [57.94560461, 24.00185531, 0]]
IPM1_id = mod2D.create_polyline(position_list=IM1_points, cover_surface=True, name="PM_I1",
IPM1_id.color = (0, 128, 64)
OPM1_id = mod2D.create_polyline(position_list=OM1_points, cover_surface=True, name="PM_O1",
OPM1_id.color = (0, 128, 64)

Create Geometry: Create CS for magnets in the face center

create_cs_magnets(IPM1_id, 'CS_' +, 'outer')
create_cs_magnets(OPM1_id, 'CS_' +, 'outer')

Create Geometry: PMs are mirror-duplicated along with local CS

mod2D.duplicate_and_mirror([IPM1_id, OPM1_id], position=[0, 0, 0],
                                   "sin((360deg/SymmetryFactor/2)+90deg)", 0],
id_PMs = mod2D.get_objects_w_string("PM", case_sensitive=True)

Create Geometry: Coils

coil_id = mod2D.create_rectangle(position=['DiaRotorLam/2+Airgap+Coil_SetBack', '-Coil_Edge_Short/2', 0],
                                 dimension_list=['Coil_Edge_Long', 'Coil_Edge_Short', 0],
                                 name='Coil', matname="Copper (Annealed)_65C")
coil_id.color = (255, 128, 0)
M2D.modeler.rotate(objid=coil_id, cs_axis="Z", angle="360deg/SlotNumber/2")
coil_id.duplicate_around_axis(cs_axis="Z", angle="360deg/SlotNumber", nclones='CoilPitch+1',
id_coils = mod2D.get_objects_w_string("Coil", case_sensitive=True)

Create Geometry: Shaft and Region

region_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[0, 0, 0], radius='DiaOuter/2',
                                num_sides='SegAngle', is_covered=True, name='Region')
shaft_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[0, 0, 0], radius='DiaShaft/2',
                               num_sides='SegAngle', is_covered=True, name='Shaft')

Create Geometry: Inner Band, Band and Outer Band

bandIN_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[0, 0, 0], radius='(DiaGap - (1.5 * Airgap))/2',
                                num_sides='mapping_angle', is_covered=True, name='Inner_Band')
bandMID_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[0, 0, 0], radius='(DiaGap - (1.0 * Airgap))/2',
                                 num_sides='mapping_angle', is_covered=True, name='Band')
bandOUT_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[0, 0, 0], radius='(DiaGap - (0.5 * Airgap))/2',
                                 num_sides='mapping_angle', is_covered=True, name='Outer_Band')

Motion Setup assigned to Band object called RotatingBand_mid

M2D.assign_rotate_motion('Band', coordinate_system="Global", axis="Z", positive_movement=True,
                         start_position="InitialPositionMD", angular_velocity="MachineRPM")


<pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject object at 0x00000185F738EAF0>

Create Geometry: Create a list of vacuum objects and assign color

vacuum_obj_id = [shaft_id, region_id, bandIN_id, bandMID_id, bandOUT_id]  # put shaft first
for item in vacuum_obj_id:
    item.color = (128, 255, 255)

Create Geometry: Rotor Holes specific to the lamination and to allocate PMs are created

rotor_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[0, 0, 0], radius='DiaRotorLam/2',
                               num_sides=0, name="Rotor", matname="30DH_20C_smooth")
rotor_id.color = (0, 128, 255)
mod2D.subtract(rotor_id, shaft_id, keepOriginals=True)
void_small_1_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[62, 0, 0], radius="2.55mm",
                                      num_sides=0, name="void1", matname="vacuum")
M2D.modeler.duplicate_around_axis(void_small_1_id, cs_axis="Z", angle="360deg/SymmetryFactor",
                                  nclones=2, create_new_objects=False)
void_big_1_id = mod2D.create_circle(position=[29.5643, 12.234389332712, 0], radius='9.88mm/2',
                                    num_sides=0, name="void_big", matname="vacuum")
mod2D.subtract(rotor_id, [void_small_1_id, void_big_1_id], keepOriginals=False)

slot_IM1_points = [[37.5302872, 15.54555396, 0], [55.05576774, 1.098662669, 0], [57.33637589, 1.25, 0],
                   [57.28982158, 2.626565019, 0], [40.25081875, 16.67243502, 0]]
slot_OM1_points = [[54.37758185, 22.52393189, 0], [59.69688156, 9.68200639, 0], [63.53825619, 10.5, 0],
                   [57.94560461, 24.00185531, 0]]
slot_IM_id = mod2D.create_polyline(position_list=slot_IM1_points, cover_surface=True, name="slot_IM1",
slot_OM_id = mod2D.create_polyline(position_list=slot_OM1_points, cover_surface=True, name="slot_OM1",

M2D.modeler.duplicate_and_mirror([slot_IM_id, slot_OM_id], position=[0, 0, 0],
                                         "sin((360deg/SymmetryFactor/2)+90deg)", 0],

id_holes = mod2D.get_objects_w_string("slot_", case_sensitive=True)
M2D.modeler.subtract(rotor_id, id_holes, keepOriginals=True)



Create Geometry: Create Section of the machine This allows to take advantage of symmetries

object_list = [stator_id, rotor_id] + vacuum_obj_id
mod2D.create_coordinate_system(origin=[0, 0, 0],
                               x_pointing=["cos(360deg/SymmetryFactor)", "sin(360deg/SymmetryFactor)", 0],
                               y_pointing=["-sin(360deg/SymmetryFactor)", "cos(360deg/SymmetryFactor)", 0])

mod2D.split(object_list, "ZX", sides="NegativeOnly")
mod2D.split(object_list, "ZX", sides="PositiveOnly")



Create Boundary Conditions: Independent/Dependent Edges for assignment are picked by position The points for edge picking are in the airgap

pos_1 = "((DiaGap - (1.0 * Airgap))/4)"
id_bc_1 = mod2D.get_edgeid_from_position([pos_1, 0, 0], obj_name='Region')
id_bc_2 = mod2D.get_edgeid_from_position(
    [pos_1 + "*cos((360deg/SymmetryFactor))", pos_1 + "*sin((360deg/SymmetryFactor))", 0],
M2D.assign_master_slave(master_edge=id_bc_1, slave_edge=id_bc_2,


(<pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject object at 0x00000185FF724580>, <pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject object at 0x00000185FF706640>)

Create Boundary Conditions: Vector Potential = 0

pos_2 = "(DiaOuter/2)"
id_bc_az = mod2D.get_edgeid_from_position(
    [pos_2 + "*cos((360deg/SymmetryFactor/2))", pos_2 + "*sin((360deg/SymmetryFactor)/2)", 0],
M2D.assign_vector_potential(id_bc_az, vectorvalue=0, bound_name="VectorPotentialZero")


<pyaedt.modules.Boundary.BoundaryObject object at 0x00000185A5FF8880>

Create Excitations: Windings: Define Phase Currents

PhA_current = "IPeak * cos(2*pi*ElectricFrequency*time+Theta_i)"
PhB_current = "IPeak * cos(2*pi * ElectricFrequency*time - 120deg+Theta_i)"
PhC_current = "IPeak * cos(2*pi * ElectricFrequency*time - 240deg+Theta_i)"

Create Excitations: Windings: Phase A

M2D.assign_coil(["Coil"], conductor_number=6, polarity="Positive", name="CT_Ph1_P2_C1_Go")
M2D.assign_coil(["Coil_5"], conductor_number=6, polarity="Negative", name="CT_Ph1_P2_C1_Ret")
M2D.assign_winding(coil_terminals=None, winding_type="Current", is_solid=False,
                   current_value=PhA_current, parallel_branches=1, name="Phase_A")
M2D.add_winding_coils("Phase_A", ["CT_Ph1_P2_C1_Go", "CT_Ph1_P2_C1_Ret"])



Create Excitations: Windings: Phase B

M2D.assign_coil("Coil_3", conductor_number=6, polarity="Positive", name="CT_Ph3_P1_C2_Go")
M2D.assign_coil("Coil_4", conductor_number=6, polarity="Positive", name="CT_Ph3_P1_C1_Go")
M2D.assign_winding(coil_terminals=None, winding_type="Current", is_solid=False,
                   current_value=PhB_current, parallel_branches=1,
M2D.add_winding_coils("Phase_B", ["CT_Ph3_P1_C2_Go", "CT_Ph3_P1_C1_Go"])



Create Excitations: Windings: Phase C

M2D.assign_coil("Coil_1", conductor_number=6, polarity="Negative", name="CT_Ph2_P2_C2_Ret")
M2D.assign_coil("Coil_2", conductor_number=6, polarity="Negative", name="CT_Ph2_P2_C1_Ret")
M2D.assign_winding(coil_terminals=None, winding_type="Current", is_solid=False,
                   current_value=PhC_current, parallel_branches=1,
M2D.add_winding_coils("Phase_C", ["CT_Ph2_P2_C2_Ret", "CT_Ph2_P2_C1_Ret"])



Create Excitations: total zero current on Magnets

PM_list = id_PMs
for item in PM_list:
    M2D.assign_current(item, amplitude=0, solid=True, name=item + "_I0")

Create Mesh Operations

M2D.mesh.assign_length_mesh(id_coils, isinside=True, maxlength=3, maxel=None, meshop_name="coils")
M2D.mesh.assign_length_mesh(stator_id, isinside=True, maxlength=3, maxel=None, meshop_name="stator")
M2D.mesh.assign_length_mesh(rotor_id, isinside=True, maxlength=3, maxel=None, meshop_name="rotor")


<pyaedt.modules.Mesh.MeshOperation object at 0x00000185A5FF8670>

Excitations Settings: Eddy Effects On M2D.eddy_effects_on(eddy_effects_list,activate_eddy_effects=True, activate_displacement_current=False)

Excitations Settings: Core Loss On

core_loss_list = ['Rotor', 'Stator']
M2D.set_core_losses(core_loss_list, value=True)



Design Settings: Compute Inductance in Transient

M2D.change_inductance_computation(compute_transient_inductance=True, incremental_matrix=False)



Design Settings: Set Model Depth

M2D.model_depth = "Magnetic_Axial_Length"

Setup: Create and Validate

setup = M2D.create_setup(setupname=sName)
setup.props["StopTime"] = "StopTime"
setup.props["TimeStep"] = "TimeStep"
setup.props["SaveFieldsType"] = "None"
setup.props["OutputPerObjectCoreLoss"] = True
setup.props["OutputPerObjectSolidLoss"] = True
setup.props["OutputError"] = True

model = M2D.plot(show=False)
model.plot(os.path.join(M2D.working_directory, "Image.jpg"))
Maxwell2D NissanLeaf



Initialization: definition for the needed Maxwell output variables Output variables will be later used to generate reports

output_vars = {
    "Current_A": "InputCurrent(Phase_A)",
    "Current_B": "InputCurrent(Phase_B)",
    "Current_C": "InputCurrent(Phase_C)",
    "Flux_A": "FluxLinkage(Phase_A)",
    "Flux_B": "FluxLinkage(Phase_B)",
    "Flux_C": "FluxLinkage(Phase_C)",
    "pos": "(Moving1.Position -InitialPositionMD) *NumPoles/2",
    "cos0": "cos(pos)",
    "cos1": "cos(pos-2*PI/3)",
    "cos2": "cos(pos-4*PI/3)",
    "sin0": "sin(pos)",
    "sin1": "sin(pos-2*PI/3)",
    "sin2": "sin(pos-4*PI/3)",
    "Flux_d": "2/3*(Flux_A*cos0+Flux_B*cos1+Flux_C*cos2)",
    "Flux_q": "-2/3*(Flux_A*sin0+Flux_B*sin1+Flux_C*sin2)",
    "I_d": "2/3*(Current_A*cos0 + Current_B*cos1 + Current_C*cos2)",
    "I_q": "-2/3*(Current_A*sin0 + Current_B*sin1 + Current_C*sin2)",
    "Irms": "sqrt(I_d^2+I_q^2)/sqrt(2)",
    "ArmatureOhmicLoss_DC": "Irms^2*R_phase",
    "Lad": "L(Phase_A,Phase_A)*cos0 + L(Phase_A,Phase_B)*cos1 + L(Phase_A,Phase_C)*cos2",
    "Laq": "L(Phase_A,Phase_A)*sin0 + L(Phase_A,Phase_B)*sin1 + L(Phase_A,Phase_C)*sin2",
    "Lbd": "L(Phase_B,Phase_A)*cos0 + L(Phase_B,Phase_B)*cos1 + L(Phase_B,Phase_C)*cos2",
    "Lbq": "L(Phase_B,Phase_A)*sin0 + L(Phase_B,Phase_B)*sin1 + L(Phase_B,Phase_C)*sin2",
    "Lcd": "L(Phase_C,Phase_A)*cos0 + L(Phase_C,Phase_B)*cos1 + L(Phase_C,Phase_C)*cos2",
    "Lcq": "L(Phase_C,Phase_A)*sin0 + L(Phase_C,Phase_B)*sin1 + L(Phase_C,Phase_C)*sin2",
    "L_d": "(Lad*cos0 + Lbd*cos1 + Lcd*cos2) * 2/3",
    "L_q": "(Laq*sin0 + Lbq*sin1 + Lcq*sin2) * 2/3",
    "OutputPower": "Moving1.Speed*Moving1.Torque",
    "Ui_A": "InducedVoltage(Phase_A)",
    "Ui_B": "InducedVoltage(Phase_B)",
    "Ui_C": "InducedVoltage(Phase_C)",
    "Ui_d": "2/3*(Ui_A*cos0 + Ui_B*cos1 + Ui_C*cos2)",
    "Ui_q": "-2/3*(Ui_A*sin0 + Ui_B*sin1 + Ui_C*sin2)",
    "U_A": "Ui_A+R_Phase*Current_A",
    "U_B": "Ui_B+R_Phase*Current_B",
    "U_C": "Ui_C+R_Phase*Current_C",
    "U_d": "2/3*(U_A*cos0 + U_B*cos1 + U_C*cos2)",
    "U_q": "-2/3*(U_A*sin0 + U_B*sin1 + U_C*sin2)"

Post-Processing preparation: Create Output Variables

for k, v in output_vars.items():
    M2D.create_output_variable(k, v)

Initialization: definition for post-processing plots

post_params = {
    "Moving1.Torque": "TorquePlots"

Initialization: definition of post-processing multiplots

post_params_multiplot = {  # reports
    ("U_A", "U_B", "U_C", "Ui_A", "Ui_B", "Ui_C"): "PhaseVoltages",
    ("CoreLoss", "SolidLoss", "ArmatureOhmicLoss_DC"): "Losses",
    ("InputCurrent(Phase_A)", "InputCurrent(Phase_B)", "InputCurrent(Phase_C)"): "PhaseCurrents",
    ("FluxLinkage(Phase_A)", "FluxLinkage(Phase_B)", "FluxLinkage(Phase_C)"): "PhaseFluxes",
    ("I_d", "I_q"): "Currents_dq",
    ("Flux_d", "Flux_q"): "Fluxes_dq",
    ("Ui_d", "Ui_q"): "InducedVoltages_dq",
    ("U_d", "U_q"): "Voltages_dq",
    ("L(Phase_A,Phase_A)", "L(Phase_B,Phase_B)", "L(Phase_C,Phase_C)", "L(Phase_A,Phase_B)", "L(Phase_A,Phase_C)",
     "L(Phase_B,Phase_C)"): "PhaseInductances",
    ("L_d", "L_q"): "Inductances_dq",
    ("CoreLoss", "CoreLoss(Stator)", "CoreLoss(Rotor)"): "CoreLosses",
    ("EddyCurrentLoss", "EddyCurrentLoss(Stator)", "EddyCurrentLoss(Rotor)"): "EddyCurrentLosses (Core)",
    ("ExcessLoss", "ExcessLoss(Stator)", "ExcessLoss(Rotor)"): "ExcessLosses (Core)",
    ("HysteresisLoss", "HysteresisLoss(Stator)", "HysteresisLoss(Rotor)"): "HysteresisLosses (Core)",
    ("SolidLoss", "SolidLoss(IPM1)", "SolidLoss(IPM1_1)", "SolidLoss(OPM1)", "SolidLoss(OPM1_1)"): "SolidLoss"

Post-Processing preparation: Create Report(s)

for k, v in post_params.items():, setup_sweep_name="", domain="Sweep", variations=None,
                           primary_sweep_variable="Time", secondary_sweep_variable=None,
                           report_category=None, plot_type="Rectangular Plot", context=None, subdesign_id=None,
                           polyline_points=1001, plotname=v)

Post-Processing preparation: Create Multiplot Report

for k, v in post_params_multiplot.items():, setup_sweep_name="", domain="Sweep", variations=None,
                           primary_sweep_variable="Time", secondary_sweep_variable=None,
                           report_category=None, plot_type="Rectangular Plot", context=None, subdesign_id=None,
                           polyline_points=1001, plotname=v)

Post-Processing preparation: Create flux lines plot on region object_list formerly create when Section applied

faces_reg = mod2D.get_object_faces(object_list[1].name)  # Region
# Maxwell Transient needs time specified in a dictionary
# "IntrinsicVar:="  , "Time=\'0\'",, 'Flux_Lines', intrinsincDict={"Time": "0.000"}, plot_name="Flux_Lines")


< object at 0x00000185A5FF9700>

Analyze and Save Project



pyaedt info: Project Project3 Saved correctly
pyaedt info: Solving design setup MySetupAuto
pyaedt error: Error in Solving Setup MySetupAuto
Error in Solving Setup MySetupAuto


Close AEDT#

This command closes AEDT.




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