Coordinate System Creation

This example shows how you can use PyAEDT to create and modify coordinate systems in the modeler.

# sphinx_gallery_thumbnail_path = 'Resources/coordinate_system.png'

import os
import tempfile

from pyaedt import Hfss
from pyaedt import Desktop
from pyaedt import generate_unique_name

tmpfold = tempfile.gettempdir()

temp_folder = os.path.join(tmpfold, generate_unique_name("Example"))
if not os.path.exists(temp_folder):

Launch AEDT in Graphical Mode

This example launches AEDT 2021.2 in graphical mode.

nongraphical = False
d = Desktop("2021.2", non_graphical=nongraphical, new_desktop_session=True)


Launching PyAEDT outside Electronics Desktop with CPython and Pythonnet
Launching AEDT installation C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\AnsysEM21.2\Win64
pyaedt info: Launching AEDT with module Pythonnet.
pyaedt info: Ansoft.ElectronicsDesktop.2021.2 Started with process ID 8272.
pyaedt info: Logger Started on C:\Users\ansys\Documents\Ansoft\pyaedt20220120_152731.log
pyaedt info: pyaedt v0.5.dev1
pyaedt info: Python version 3.8.10 (tags/v3.8.10:3d8993a, May  3 2021, 11:48:03) [MSC v.1928 64 bit (AMD64)]

Insert an HFSS Design

This command inserts an HFSS design with the default name.

hfss = Hfss()


pyaedt info: Project Project2595 has been created.
pyaedt info: No design is present. Inserting a new design.
pyaedt info: Design Loaded
pyaedt info: Successfully loaded project materials !
pyaedt info: Materials Loaded

Create a Coordinate System

The coordinate system is centered on the Global origin and has the axis aligned to the Global coordinate system. The new coordinate system is saved in the object cs1.

cs1 = hfss.modeler.create_coordinate_system()

Modify the Coordinate System

The cs1 object exposes properties and methods to manipulate the coordinate system. The origin can be changed.

cs1.props["OriginX"] = 10
cs1.props["OriginY"] = 10
cs1.props["OriginZ"] = 10

# The pointing vectors can be changed.

ypoint = [0, -1, 0]
cs1.props["YAxisXvec"] = ypoint[0]
cs1.props["YAxisYvec"] = ypoint[1]
cs1.props["YAxisZvec"] = ypoint[2]



Rename the Coordinate System

This command renames the coordinate system.




Change the Coordinate System Mode

Use the function change_cs_mode to change the mode: 0 for “Axis/Position”, 1 for “Euler Angle ZXZ”, or 2 for “Euler Angle ZYZ”. This command changes the mode to “Euler Angle ZXZ”.


# In the new mode, there are properties that can be edited.
cs1.props["Phi"] = "10deg"
cs1.props["Theta"] = "22deg"
cs1.props["Psi"] = "30deg"



Delete the Coordinate System

This command deletes the coordinate system.




Create a Coordinate System by Defining Axes

All coordinate system properties can be specified at the creation. Here the axes are specified.

cs2 = hfss.modeler.create_coordinate_system(
    name="CS2", origin=[1, 2, 3.5], mode="axis", x_pointing=[1, 0, 1], y_pointing=[0, -1, 0]

Create a Coordinate System by Defining Euler Angles

Here Euler angles are specified.

cs3 = hfss.modeler.create_coordinate_system(name="CS3", origin=[2, 2, 2], mode="zyz", phi=10, theta=20, psi=30)

Create a Coordinate System by Defining the View

Any of these views can be specified: "iso", "XY", "XZ", or "XY". Here the "iso" view is specified. The axes are set automatically.

cs4 = hfss.modeler.create_coordinate_system(name="CS4", origin=[1, 0, 0], reference_cs="CS3", mode="view", view="iso")

Create a Coordinate System by Defining the Axis and Angle Rotation

When the axis and angle rotation are specified, this data is automatically translated to Euler angles.

cs5 = hfss.modeler.create_coordinate_system(name="CS5", mode="axisrotation", u=[1, 0, 0], theta=123)

Get All Coordinate Systems

This example gets all coordinate systems.

css = hfss.modeler.coordinate_systems
names = [ for i in css]


['CS2', 'CS3', 'CS4', 'CS5']

Select a Coordinate System

This example selects an existing coordinate system.

css = hfss.modeler.coordinate_systems
cs_selected = css[0]



Get a Point Coordinate Under Another Coordinate System

A point coordinate can be translated in respect to any coordinate system.

hfss.modeler.primitives.create_box([-10, -10, -10], [20, 20, 20], "Box1")
p = hfss.modeler.primitives["Box1"].faces[0].vertices[0].position
print("Global: ", p)
p2 = hfss.modeler.global_to_cs(p, "CS5")
print("CS5 :", p2)


Global:  [10.0, -2.940315329304, -13.833096029605]
CS5 : [9.999999999999998, -10.00000000000039, 10.000000000000295]

Close AEDT

All methods provide for saving the project before exiting.

if != "posix":

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