Edb: Merge Utility#

This example shows how to use pyaedt toolkit to create WPF for Windows usage. This demo will show how to run a merge between two EDBs (eg. package on board).

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Download Example#

Example contains everything to run. json fil can be customized to change settings.

import tempfile

from pyaedt.examples.downloads import download_edb_merge_utility

python_file = download_edb_merge_utility(force_download=True, destination=tempfile.gettempdir())
desktop_version = "2022.2"

Python Script execution#

Python file can be launched in Aedt or from CPython. This can be run from command line or from Run Script. The example downloads 4 files: - package.aedb folder containing a package example - board.aedb folder containing a board example - merge_wizard.py The python script to run - merge_wizard_settings.json json file containing settings

User can launch merge_wizard.py from Aedt (Tools->Run Script) or from CPython. The script works only on windows with UI.

The json file contains default settings that can be used in any other project to automatically load all settings. The following command line can be unchecked and launched from python interpreter.

# from pyaedt.generic.toolkit import launch
# launch(python_file, specified_version=desktop_version, new_desktop_session=False, autosave=False)

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