IPC 2581 Export

This example shows how to use PyAEDT to Export an IPC2581 file.

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Import Section

import shutil
import os
import tempfile
from pyaedt import generate_unique_name, examples, Edb

File download

In this section the aedb file will be downloaded and copied in Temporary Folder.



Launch EDB

This example launches the pyaedt.Edb class. This example uses EDB 2021.2 and uses SI units.

edb = Edb(edbpath=targetfile, edbversion="2021.2")


pyaedt info: Logger Started on C:\Users\ansys\AppData\Local\Temp\Example_N8T161\pyaedt20220120_152539.log
pyaedt info: Logger Initialized in EDB
pyaedt info: EDB Path C:\Users\ansys\AppData\Local\Temp\Example_N8T161\Galileo.aedb
pyaedt info: EDB Version 2021.2
pyaedt info: EDB Standalone True
pyaedt info: Database Opened
pyaedt info: Cell Galileo_G87173_204 Opened
pyaedt info: C:\actions-runner\_work\PyAEDT\PyAEDT\pyaedt\dlls\EDBLib
pyaedt info: Refreshing the Components dictionary.
pyaedt info: Objects Initialized
pyaedt info: Builder Initialized
pyaedt info: Edb Initialized

Parametrize a Net

    "A0_N", parameter_name=generate_unique_name("Par"), variable_value="0.4321mm"


pyaedt info: Primitives Updated
pyaedt info: Creating Parameter Par_7MWYCD.


Create IPC2581 File

edb.export_to_ipc2581(ipc2581_file, "inch")
print("IPC2581 File has been saved to {}".format(ipc2581_file))


pyaedt info: Export IPC 2581 is starting. This operation can take a while...
pyaedt info: Export IPC 2581 completed in 3.7033751010894775 sec.
pyaedt info: File saved in C:\Users\ansys\AppData\Local\Temp\Example_N8T161\Galileo.xml
IPC2581 File has been saved to C:\Users\ansys\AppData\Local\Temp\Example_N8T161\Galileo.xml

Close EDB



pyaedt info: EDB file release time: 0.00ms


Total running time of the script: ( 0 minutes 13.049 seconds)

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