PyAEDT consolidates and extends all existing capital around scripting for Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT), allowing re-use of existing code, sharing of best practices, and collaboration.

This tool has been tested on HFSS, Icepak, and Maxwell 3D. It also provides basic support for EDB and Circuit (Nexxim).


In addition to the runtime dependencies listed in the installation information, PyAEDT requires ANSYS EM Suite 2021 R1 or later.

Installing on CPython v3.7-v3.9

To install the prerequisite packages pythonnet and pywin32, run this install command:

pip install pyaedt

Using IronPython in AEDT

To use IronPython in AEDT:

  1. Download the PyAEDT package from

  2. Extract the files.

  3. Run the following command to install PyAEDT into Electronics Desktop (specify the full paths to ipy64 and as needed)

ipy64 install --user

Using Standalone IronPython

To use standalone IronPython, run this install command:

ipy64 -X:Frames -m pip install pyaedt