SetupCircuit.add_sweep_points(sweep_variable='Freq', sweep_points=1, units='GHz', override_existing_sweep=True)[source]

Add a linear count sweep to existing Circuit Setup.

sweep_variablestr, optional

Variable to which the sweep belongs. Default is "Freq.

sweep_pointsfloat or str or list, optional
Sweep points to apply linear sweep. It can be a list or single points.

Points can be float or str. If str then no units will be applied.

end_point float or str, optional

End Point of Linear Count sweep. If str then no units will be applied.

unitsstr, optional

Sweeps Units. It will be ignored if strings are provided as start_point or end_point

override_existing_sweepbool, optional

Define if existing sweep on the same variable has to be overridden or kept and added to this new sweep.


True is succeeded.


>>> oModule.EditLinearNetworkAnalysis
>>> oModule.EditDCAnalysis
>>> oModule.EditTransient
>>> oModule.EditQuickEyeAnalysis
>>> oModule.EditVerifEyeAnalysis
>>> oModule.EditAMIAnalysis