pyaedt.modules.SetupTemplates.TransientTemperatureOnly = [('Enabled', True), ('Flow Regime', 'Laminar'), ('Include Temperature', True), ('Include Flow', False), ('Include Gravity', False), ('Include Solar', False), ('Solution Initialization - X Velocity', '0m_per_sec'), ('Solution Initialization - Y Velocity', '0m_per_sec'), ('Solution Initialization - Z Velocity', '0m_per_sec'), ('Solution Initialization - Temperature', 'AmbientTemp'), ('Solution Initialization - Turbulent Kinetic Energy', '1m2_per_s2'), ('Solution Initialization - Turbulent Dissipation Rate', '1m2_per_s3'), ('Solution Initialization - Specific Dissipation Rate', '1diss_per_s'), ('Solution Initialization - Use Model Based Flow Initialization', False), ('Convergence Criteria - Flow', '0.001'), ('Convergence Criteria - Energy', '1e-07'), ('Convergence Criteria - Turbulent Kinetic Energy', '0.001'), ('Convergence Criteria - Turbulent Dissipation Rate', '0.001'), ('Convergence Criteria - Specific Dissipation Rate', '0.001'), ('Convergence Criteria - Discrete Ordinates', '1e-06'), ('IsEnabled:=', False), ('Radiation Model', 'Off'), ('Solar Radiation Model', 'Solar Radiation Calculator'), ('Solar Radiation - Scattering Fraction', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - Day', 1), ('Solar Radiation - Month', 1), ('Solar Radiation - Hours', 0), ('Solar Radiation - Minutes', 0), ('Solar Radiation - GMT', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - Latitude', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - Latitude Direction', 'East'), ('Solar Radiation - Longitude', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - Longitude Direction', 'North'), ('Solar Radiation - Ground Reflectance', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - Sunshine Fraction', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - North X', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - North Y', '0'), ('Solar Radiation - North Z', '1'), ('Under-relaxation - Pressure', '0.3'), ('Under-relaxation - Momentum', '0.7'), ('Under-relaxation - Temperature', '1'), ('Under-relaxation - Turbulent Kinetic Energy', '0.8'), ('Under-relaxation - Turbulent Dissipation Rate', '0.8'), ('Under-relaxation - Specific Dissipation Rate', '0.8'), ('Discretization Scheme - Pressure', 'Standard'), ('Discretization Scheme - Momentum', 'First'), ('Discretization Scheme - Temperature', 'First'), ('Secondary Gradient', False), ('Discretization Scheme - Turbulent Kinetic Energy', 'First'), ('Discretization Scheme - Turbulent Dissipation Rate', 'First'), ('Discretization Scheme - Specific Dissipation Rate', 'First'), ('Discretization Scheme - Discrete Ordinates', 'First'), ('Linear Solver Type - Pressure', 'V'), ('Linear Solver Type - Momentum', 'flex'), ('Linear Solver Type - Temperature', 'F'), ('Linear Solver Type - Turbulent Kinetic Energy', 'flex'), ('Linear Solver Type - Turbulent Dissipation Rate', 'flex'), ('Linear Solver Type - Specific Dissipation Rate', 'flex'), ('Linear Solver Termination Criterion - Pressure', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Termination Criterion - Momentum', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Termination Criterion - Temperature', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Termination Criterion - Turbulent Kinetic Energy', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Termination Criterion - Turbulent Dissipation Rate', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Termination Criterion - Specific Dissipation Rate', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Residual Reduction Tolerance - Pressure', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Residual Reduction Tolerance - Momentum', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Residual Reduction Tolerance - Temperature', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Residual Reduction Tolerance - Turbulent Kinetic Energy', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Residual Reduction Tolerance - Turbulent Dissipation Rate', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Residual Reduction Tolerance - Specific Dissipation Rate', '0.1'), ('Linear Solver Stabilization - Pressure', 'None'), ('Linear Solver Stabilization - Temperature', 'None'), ('Coupled pressure-velocity formulation', False), ('Frozen Flow Simulation', False), ('Start Time:=', '0s'), ('Stop Time:=', '20s'), ('Time Step:=', '1s'), ('Iterations per Time Step', 20), ('Import Start Time', False), ('Copy Fields From Source', False), ('SaveFieldsType', 'Every N Steps'), ('N Steps:=', '10s'), ('Enable Control Program', False), ('Control Program Name', '')]

Built-in mutable sequence.

If no argument is given, the constructor creates a new empty list. The argument must be an iterable if specified.