StatisticalSetups.add_statistical(calculation_name, calc_variation_value, calculation_type='Freq', reporttype='Modal Solution Data', domain='Sweep', solution=None, parametricname=None)[source]

Add a basic statistical analysis.

You can customize all options after the analysis is added.

calculation_namestr, optional

Name of the calculation.

calc_variation_valuestr, optional

Variation value, such as "1GHz".

calculation_typestr, optional

Variation type. The default is "Freq".

reporttypestr, optional

Type of report to add the calculation to. The default is "Modal Solution Data".

domainstr, optional

Type of the domain. The default is "Sweep".

solutionstr, optional

Name of the solution. The default is None, in which case the nominal sweep is used.

parametricnamestr, optional

Name of the analysis. The default is None, in which case the default name is assigned.



>>> oModule.InsertSetup