PostProcessor.plot_model_obj(objects=None, export_afterplot=True, export_path=None, plot_separate_objects=True, air_objects=False, show_axes=True, show_grid=True, show_legend=True, background_color='white', object_selector=True, windows_size=None, off_screen=False, color=None, color_by_material=False, opacity=None)[source]

Plot the model or a substet of objects.

objectslist, optional

Optional list of objects to plot. If None all objects will be exported.

export_afterplotbool, optional

Set to True if the image has to be exported after the plot is completed.

export_pathstr, optional

File name with full path. If None Project directory will be used.

plot_separate_objectsbool, optional

Plot each object separately. It may require more time to export from AEDT.

air_objectsbool, optional

Plot also air and vacuum objects.

show_axesbool, optional

Define if axes will be visible or not.

show_gridbool, optional

Define if grid will be visible or not.

show_legendbool, optional

Define if legend is visible or not.

background_colorstr, list, optional

Define the plot background color. Default is “white”. One of the keys of pyaedt.generic.constants.CSS4_COLORS can be used.

object_selectorbool, optional

Enable the list of object to hide show objects.

windows_sizelist, optional

Windows Plot size.

off_screenbool, optional

Off Screen plot.

colorstr, list

Color of the object. Can be color name or list of RGB. If None automatic color from model or material.


Either to color object by material or by their AEDT value.


List of plot files.