PostProcessor.plot_field_from_fieldplot(plotname, project_path='', meshplot=False, imageformat='jpg', view='isometric', plot_label='Temperature', plot_folder=None, show=True, scale_min=None, scale_max=None)[source]

Export a field plot to an image file (JPG or PNG) using Python Plotly.


The Plotly module rebuilds the mesh and the overlap fields on the mesh.


Name of the field plot to export.

project_pathstr, optional

Path for saving the image file. The default is "".

meshplotbool, optional

Whether to create and plot the mesh over the fields. The default is False.

imageformatstr, optional

Format of the image file. Options are "jpg", "png", "svg", and "webp". The default is "jpg".

viewstr, optional
View to export. Options are isometric, top, front,

left, all.. The default is "iso". If "all", all views are exported.

plot_labelstr, optional

Type of the plot. The default is "Temperature".

plot_folderstr, optional

Plot folder to update before exporting the field. The default is None, in which case all plot folders are updated.

showbool, optional

Export Image without plotting on UI.

scale_minfloat, optional

Fix the Scale Minimum value.

scale_maxfloat, optional

Fix the Scale Maximum value.


Model Object.