PostProcessor.export_field_file(quantity_name, solution=None, variation_dict=None, filename=None, obj_list='AllObjects', obj_type='Vol', intrinsics=None, phase=None, sample_points_file=None, sample_points_lists=None, export_with_sample_points=True)[source]

Use the field calculator to create a field file based on a solution and variation.


Name of the quantity to export. For example, "Temp".

solutionstr, optional

Name of the solution in the format "solution: sweep". The default is None.

variation_dictdict, optional

Dictionary of all variation variables with their values. The default is None.

filenamestr, optional

Full path and name to save the file to. The default is None which export file in working_directory.

obj_liststr, optional

List of objects to export. The default is "AllObjects".

obj_typestr, optional

Type of objects to export. Options are "Vol" for volume and "Surf" for surface. The default is "Vol".

intrinsicsstr, optional

This parameter is mandatory for a frequency or transient field calculation. The default is None.

phasestr, optional

Field phase. The default is None.

sample_points_filestr, optional

Name of the file with sample points. The default is None.

sample_points_listslist, optional

List of the sample points. The default is None.

export_with_sample_pointsbool, optional

Whether to include the sample points in the file to export. The default is True.


True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oModule.EnterQty
>>> oModule.CopyNamedExprToStack
>>> oModule.CalcOp
>>> oModule.EnterQty
>>> oModule.EnterVol
>>> oModule.CalculatorWrite
>>> oModule.ExportToFile