PostProcessor.create_rectangular_plot(expression='dB(S(1,1))', setup_sweep_name='', families_dict={'Freq': ['All']}, primary_sweep_variable='Freq', context=None, plotname=None, report_category=None, plot_type='Rectangular Plot')

Create a 2D rectangular plot in AEDT.

expressionstr or list, optional

One or more formulas to add to the report. The default is value = "dB(S(1,1))".

setup_sweep_namestr, optional

Setup name with the sweep. The default is "".

families_dictdict, optional

Dictionary of all families including the primary sweep. The default is {"Freq": ["All"]}.

primary_sweep_variablestr, optional

Name of the primary sweep. The default is "Freq".

contextstr, optional

The default is None.

plotnamestr, optional

Name of the plot. The default is None.

report_categorystr, optional

Type of the Report to be created. If None default data Report will be used

plot_typestr, optional

The format of Data Visualization. Default is Rectangular Plot


True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oModule.CreateReport