PostProcessor.animate_fields_from_aedtplt_2(quantityname, object_list, plottype, meshplot=False, setup_name=None, intrinsic_dict={}, variation_variable='Phi', variation_list=['0deg'], project_path='', export_gif=False, show=True)[source]

Generate a field plot to an animated gif file using PyVista.


The PyVista module rebuilds the mesh and the overlap fields on the mesh.

This method creates the plot and exports it. It is an alternative to the method animate_fields_from_aedtplt(), which uses an existing plot.


Name of the plot or the name of the object.

object_listlist, optional

Name of the folderplot folder.


Type of the plot. Options are "Surface", "Volume", and "CutPlane".

meshplotbool, optional

The default is False.

setup_namestr, optional

Name of the setup (sweep) to use for the export. The default is None.

intrinsic_dictdict, optional

Intrinsic dictionary that is needed for the export. The default is {}.

variation_variablestr, optional

Variable to vary. The default is "Phi".

variation_listlist, option

List of variation values with units. The default is ["0deg"].

project_pathstr, optional

Path for the export. The default is "" which export file in working_directory.

export_gifbool, optional

Whether to export to a GIF file. The default is False, in which case the plot is exported to a JPG file.

showbool, optional

Generate the animation without showing an interactive plot. The default is True.


Model Object.