class pyaedt.modeler.Primitives.PolylineSegment(type, num_seg=0, num_points=0, arc_angle=0, arc_center=None, arc_plane=None)[source]#

Creates and manipulates a segment of a polyline.


Type of the object. Choices are "Line", "Arc", "Spline", and "AngularArc".

num_segint, optional

Number of segments for the types "Arc", "Spline", and "AngularArc". The default is 0. For the type Line, this parameter is ignored.

num_pointsint, optional

Number of control points for the type Spline. For other types, this parameter is defined automatically.

arc_anglefloat or str, optional

Sweep angle in radians or a valid value string. For example, "35deg" or "Specific to type AngularArc".

arc_centerlist or str, optional

List of values in model units or a valid value string. For example, a list of [x, y, z] coordinates or "Specific to type AngularArc".

arc_planestr, int optional

Plane in which the arc sweep is performed in the active coordinate system "XY", "YZ" or "ZX". The default is None, in which case the plane is determined automatically by the first coordinate for which the starting point and center point have the same value.


See pyaedt.Primitives.Polyline.