EdbSiwave.add_siwave_syz_analysis(accuracy_level=1, decade_count=10, sweeptype=1, start_freq=1, stop_freq=1000000000.0, step_freq=1000000.0, discrete_sweep=False)[source]

Add a SIwave SYZ analysis.

accuracy_levelint, optional

Level of accuracy. The default is 1.

decade_countint, optional

Number of points to calculate in each decade. The default is 10.

sweeptypeint, optional

Type of the sweep. The default is 1.

start_freqfloat, optional

Starting frequency. The default is 1.

stop_freqfloat, optional

Stopping frequency. The default is 1e9.

step_freqfloat, optional

Frequency size of the step. The default is 1e6.

discrete_sweepbool, optonal

Whether the sweep is discrete. The default is False.


True when successful, False when failed.