Components.create_port_on_component(component, net_list, port_type=0, do_pingroup=True, reference_net='gnd')[source]

Create ports on given component.

componentstr or self._edb.Cell.Hierarchy.Component

EDB component or str component name.

net_liststr or list of string.

The list of nets where ports have to be created on the component. If net is not part of the component this one will be skipped.

port_typeSourceType enumerator, CoaxPort or CircuitPort

Define the type of port to be created. CoaxPort will auto generate solder balls. CircuitPort will generate circuit ports on pins belonging to the net list.


True activate pingroup during port creation (only used with combination of CoaxPort), False will take the closest reference pin and generate one port per signal pin.

refnetstr or list of string.

list of the reference net.

double, bool

Salder ball height vale, False when failed.


>>> from pyaedt import Edb
>>> edbapp = Edb("myaedbfolder")
>>> net_list = ["M_DQ<1>", "M_DQ<2>", "M_DQ<3>", "M_DQ<4>", "M_DQ<5>"]
>>> edbapp.core_components.create_port_on_component(cmp="U2A5", net_list=net_list,
>>> port_type=SourceType.CoaxPort, do_pingroup=False, refnet="GND")