AEDTMessageManager.clear_messages(proj_name=None, des_name=None, level=2)[source]

Clear all messages.

proj_namestr, optional

Name of project. The default is None, in which case messages are cleared for the current project. If blank, messages are cleared for all projects.

des_namestr, optional

Name of the design within the specified project. The default is None, in which case the current design is used. If blank, all designs are used.

levelint, optional

Level of the messages to clear. Options are:

  • 0 : Clear all info messages.

  • 1 : Clear all info and warning messages.

  • 2 : Clear all info, warning, and error messages.

  • 3 : Clear all messages, which include info, warning, error, and fatal-error messages.

The default is 2.


Clear all messages in the current design and project.

>>> hfss.clear_messages(level=3)