Q3d.plot(objects=None, show=True, export_path=None, plot_as_separate_objects=True, plot_air_objects=True, force_opacity_value=None, clean_files=False)

Plot the model or a subset of objects.

objectslist, optional

List of objects to plot. The default is None, in which case all objects are exported.

showbool, optional

Whether to show the plot after generation. The default is True. If False, the generated class is returned for more customization before plot generation.

export_pathstr, optional

If available, an image is saved to file. If None no image will be saved.

plot_as_separate_objectsbool, optional

Whether to plot each object separately. The default is True, which may require more time to export from AEDT.

plot_air_objectsbool, optional

Whether to also plot air and vacuum objects. The default is True.

force_opacity_valuefloat, optional

Opacity value between 0 and 1 to applied to all of the model. The default is None, which means the AEDT opacity is applied to each object.

clean_filesbool, optional

Whether to clean created files after plot generation. The default is False, which means that the cache is maintained in the model object that is returned.


Model Object.