Maxwell2d.assign_winding(coil_terminals=None, winding_type='Current', is_solid=True, current_value=1, res=0, ind=0, voltage=0, parallel_branches=1, name=None)

Assign a winding to a Maxwell design.

coil_terminalslist, optional

List of faces to create the coil terminal on. The default is None.

winding_typestr, optional

Type of the winding. Options are "Current", "Voltage", and "External". The default is "Current".

is_solidbool, optional

Type of the winding. True is solid, False is stranded. The default is True.

current_valuefloat, optional

Value of the current in amperes. The default is 1.

resfloat, optional

Resistance in ohms. The default is 0.

indfloat, optional

Henry. The default is 0.

voltagefloat, optional

Voltage value. The default is 0.

parallel_branchesint, optional

The default is 1.

namestr, optional

Name of the boundary. The default is None.


Bounding object for the winding, otherwise only the bounding object.


>>> oModule.AssignWindingGroup