Maxwell2d.assign_rotate_motion(band_object, coordinate_system='Global', axis='Z', positive_movement=True, start_position=0, has_rotation_limits=True, negative_limit=0, positive_limit=360, non_cylindrical=False, mechanical_transient=False, angular_velocity='0rpm', inertia='1', damping=0, load_torque='0newton', motion_name=None)

Assign a Rotation Motion to an object container.


Object container.

coordinate_systemstr, optional

Coordinate System Name. Default is "Global.

axisstr or int, optional

Coordinate System Axis. Default is "Z". It can be a pyaedt.generic.constants.AXIS Enumerator value.

positive_movementbool, Optional

Either if movement is Positive or not. Default is True.

start_positionfloat or str, optional

Movement Start Position. If float, “deg” units will be applied.

has_rotation_limitsbool, Optional

Either if there will be a limit in rotation or not. Default is False.

negative_limitfloat or str, optional

Movement negative limit. If float, “deg” units will be applied.

positive_limitfloat or str, optional

Movement positive limit. If float, “deg” units will be applied.

non_cylindricalbool, optional

Either if Non Cylindrical rotation has to be considered. Default is False.

angular_velocityfloat or str, optional

Movement velocity. If float, “rpm” units will be applied.

mechanical_transientbool, Optional

Either to consider or not mechanical movement. Default is False.

inertiafloat, optional

mechanical inertia.

dampingfloat, optional

Damping Factor. Default 0.

load_torquefloat or str, optional

Load Force. If float, “NewtonMeter” units will be applied.

motion_namestr, optional

Motion Name.


Boundary object.


>>> oModule.AssignBand