Icepak.export_summary(output_dir=None, solution_name=None, type='Object', geometryType='Volume', quantity='Temperature', variation='', variationlist=None)[source]#

Export a fields summary of all objects.

output_dirstr, optional

Name of directory for exporting the fields summary. The default is None, in which case the fields summary is exported to the working directory.

solution_namestr, optional

Name of the solution. The default is None, in which case the the default name is used.

typestr, optional

The default is "Object".

geometryTypestr, optional

Type of the geometry. The default is "Volume".

quantitystr, optional

The default is "Temperature".

variationstr, optional

The default is "".

variationlistlist, optional

The default is None.


True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oModule.EditFieldsSummarySetting
>>> oModule.ExportFieldsSummary