Icepak.assign_em_losses(designname='HFSSDesign1', setupname='Setup1', sweepname='LastAdaptive', map_frequency=None, surface_objects=None, source_project_name=None, paramlist=None, object_list=None)[source]#

Map EM losses to an Icepak design.

designnamestr, optional

Name of the design with the source mapping. The default is "HFSSDesign1".

setupnamestr, optional

Name of the EM setup. The default is "Setup1".

sweepnamestr, optional

Name of the EM sweep to use for the mapping. The default is "LastAdaptive".

map_frequencystr, optional

String containing the frequency to map. The default is None. The value must be None for Eigenmode analysis.

surface_objectslist, optional

List of objects in the source that are metals. The default is None.

source_project_namestr, optional

Name of the source project. The default is None, in which case the source from the same project is used.

paramlistlist, dict, optional

List of all parameters to map from source and Icepak design. The default is None. If None the variables are set to their values (no mapping). If it is a list, the specified variables in the icepak design are mapped to variables in the source design having the same name. If it is a dictionary, it is possible to map variables to the source design having a different name. The dictionary structure is {“source_design_variable”: “icepak_variable”}.

object_listlist, optional

List of objects. The default is None.


True when successful, False when failed.


>>> oModule.AssignEMLoss