Hfss3dLayout.get_fext_xtalk_list(trlist=[], reclist=[], tx_prefix='', rx_prefix='', skip_same_index_couples=True)

Retrieve a list of all the far end XTalks from two lists of exctitations (driver and receiver).

trlistlist, optional

List of drivers. The default is []. For example, ["1", "2"].

reclistlist, optional

List of receivers. The default is []. For example, ["3", "4"].

tx_prefixstr, optional

Prefix to add to the driver names. For example, "DIE". The default is "".

rx_prefixstr, optional

Prefix to add to the receiver names. For examples, "BGA". The default is "".

skip_same_index_couplesbool, optional

Whether to skip driver and receiver couples with the same index position. The default is True, in which case the drivers and receivers with the same index position are considered insertion losses and excluded from the list.


List of strings representing the far end XTalks of the excitations. For example, ["S(1, 4)", "S(2, 3)"].


>>> oModule.GetAllPorts