Hfss.create_sbr_chirp_i_doppler_setup(time_var=None, sweep_time_duration=0, center_freq=76.5, resolution=1, period=200, velocity_resolution=0.4, min_velocity=- 20, max_velocity=20, ray_density_per_wavelenght=0.2, max_bounces=5, include_coupling_effects=False, doppler_ad_sampling_rate=20, setup_name=None)[source]

Create an SBR+ Chirp IQ Setup.

time_varstr, optional

Name of the time variable. Default None which will search for first time variable available.

sweep_time_durationfloat, optional

Sweep Time Duration. If greater than 0, a parametric sweep will be created. Default 0.

center_freqfloat, optional

Center frequency in GHz. Default 76.5.

resolutionfloat, optional

Doppler resolution in meter. Default 1.

periodfloat, optional

Period of analysis in meter. Default 200.

velocity_resolutionfloat, optional

Doppler velocity resolution in meters per second. Default 0.4.

min_velocitystr, optional

Minimum doppler velocity in meters per second. Default -20.

max_velocitystr, optional

Maximum doppler velocity in meters per second. Default 20.

ray_density_per_wavelenghtfloat, optional

Doppler ray density per wavelength. Default 0.2.

max_bouncesint, optional

Maximum number of Bounces. Default 5.

include_coupling_effectsfloat, optional

Set if coupling effects will be included. Default False.

doppler_ad_sampling_ratefloat, optional

Doppler AD sampling rate. It works only if include_coupling_effects is True. Default 20.

setup_namestr, optional

Name of the setup. Default None.




>>> oModule.InsertSetup