Circuit.export_fullwave_spice(designname=None, setupname=None, is_solution_file=False, filename=None, passivity=False, causality=False, renormalize=False, impedance=50, error=0.5, poles=10000)[source]

Export a full wave HSpice file using NDE.


This method doesn’t work.

designnamestr, optional

Name of the design or the full path to the solution file if it is an imported file. The default is None.

setupnamestr, optional

Name of the setup if it is a design. The default is None.

is_solution_filebool, optional

Whether it is an imported solution file. The default is False.

filenamestr, optional

Full path and name for exporting the HSpice file. The default is None which export file in working_directory.

passivitybool, optional

Whether to compute the passivity. The default is False.

causalitybool, optional

Whether to compute the causality. The default is False.

renormalizebool, optional

Whether to renormalize the S-matrix to a specific port impedance. The default is False.

impedancefloat, optional

Impedance value if renormalize=True. The default is 50.

errorfloat, optional

Fitting error. The default is 0.5.

polesint, optional

Number of fitting poles. The default is 10000.


Name of the HSpice file if the export is successful.


>>> oDesign.ExportFullWaveSpice